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NGF Hierachy

This is where the Hierachy (Chain of command) of New Ginyu Force is shown. Your rank is decided by your power level, your points and your win/lose record in battle. It is also decided by how well you do in battles against a mutual enemy. The ranking is in order, so whoever is above another person is "apparently" higher in rank than the person below him. The council is that of the members who are in control of the New Ginyu Force. All council members have equal power, yet the leader controls the council.

Name Position Influence Rating
Captain Ginyu Leader of New Ginyu Force Very High
Berter Council Member High
Guldo Junior Council Member High
Jeice Council Member High
Mongio Council Member High
Rikum Council Member High
Vegeta Leader of Omega Squadron Very High
SSJVeggetto High Level Recruit Medium
Chaio Tzu High Level Recruit Medium
Gohan 3rd Level Omega Recruit Medium
Divim Basic Recruit Low
Trunks Basic Recruit Medium
Goten Basic Recruit Low
Karasu Basic Recruit Medium
Li Chi Basic Recruit Low
Vertimere Basic Recruit Low
Cloud Strife Basic Recruit Low
Yamcha Basic Recruit Low
Night Flower Basic Recruit Low