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This is the Omega Squadron's Main Page, we are the strongest Squadron in New Ginyu Force. We only recruit the elite and the strongest. The quote on the main banner is to symbolize that we are are proud and no one not even a 'god' will stop us (I made sure to use a small case g so it wont offend anyone that is religious plkease take note). If you think you are worthy to join and you are in NGF, please contact Alucard/Vegeta. Now if you have met Vegeta, you probably know about this 'Plan' thing, this information will be reaveled to those of higher Omega rank. So if you get into this team, and earn a ranking of 1rst Rank or higher, then the true nature of the 'Plan' will be reavel to you.


Name : Vegeta (Last name unknown)
Status : Leader of Omega Squadron
Race : Saiyan-Jin
Fighting Techniques : Personal Developed style
Abilities/Attacks : Kaioken X Max 99, Big Bang, Super Saiyan Level 1-5, Genki Dama
Biography : Vegeta fights to get stronger, after Gokou's death, he left to get stronger and to search for another set of Dragon Balls to revive Gokou with. So he saw a way to inact both plans while only spending the time of one, and this was to join the New Guiyna force. He has attained leadership after a harsh battle against Piccollo, leader of the new giuyna force. After months of training he is ready to commence the begginign of the 'Plan'.
Famous Quote : "hmph, you challenge me, then prepare to die....."

Name : Gohan (Last Name unknown)
Status : 3rd Rank Member of Omega Squadron
Race : Saiyan-Jin
Fighting Techniques : Vegeta's technique
Abilities/Attacks : Ki, Kamehameah, Super Saiyan Level 1-4, Maekol
Biography : After a massive mass time disruption, Gohan was split into 2 Gohan's, one left in the present time, the other was thrown into the future (NGF Time). This happened during the time bettween the Freeza Saga and the Android Saga. After learning the fate of what happened in this time period, Gohan decided he would join Vegeta's quest to revive Gokou, so do this he had to train, so he joined NGF, and trained with Vegeta to get stronger.
Famous Quote : "Ok, I'm ready Mr.Vegeta"


Name Win-Loss Points Ranking in Omega Squadron
Vegeta 5-1 11 Leader
Gohan 1-0 2 3rd Rank

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