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The new layout and design of the webpages were done by Alucard (Vegeta in NGF) as a favor to Piccollo. The next New Ginyu Wars session will begin next Friday, make sure to be there as we do not stand lack of attendance.

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Divim vs Li Chi - Tie
Piccollo - Dead


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Contact Berter or Vegeta if you have questions.


New Ginyu Force is a team where you can join and train against other recruits or battle greater foes like a ressurected Cell, now this means it's like an online Roleplaying game held in a chat room, and it's all based around Dragon Ball Z/GT.


The time is two years after Dragon Ball GT, and with the leadership of Piccollo and the loyal following of Berter, Jeice, and Guldo Junior they form the New Ginyu Force to destroy all the foes that stand in there way. They search the galaxy for new warriors to join there force, so they can be the strongest force from now and forever. After gaining many recruits to join NGF, they spent there time training them hard but after much time, the recruits influenced NGF to something different, as a force to defend the earth from all the foes that would threaten the earth. Now they train hard so they will be strong enough for whatever there motive might be, but one thing for sure is, they will protect the earth at all costs. One night, Piccollo was in a feirce battle against some unknown person and when Berter neared by and saw what was happening, the mysterious fighter took this oppurtunity to launch an blast at Berter, Piccollo like the hero he was, went in front of the blast and blocked it from hitting Berter, the blast was too much for him and he died, the fighter left with these words "It has begun". Now with Piccollo dead, Berter takes up leadership and plans to revenge the death of her dead comrade. But after a long and ferious argument in New Ginyu Force, where Vegeta was in total rebellion against the leaders, Piccollo showed up, some how revived and took leadership of New Ginyu Force bacl. He got Vegeta to calm down and just to wait a bit to see what happens. If Vegeta wasn't so loyal to Piccollo, he and his followers would have killed all the leaders and left New Ginyu Force, we will have to see what happenes next.

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New Ginyu Force is copyrighted to Lord Vegeta, Piccollo, Berter and Jade and is based on Dragon Ball Z/GT which is copyrighted by it's respective owner. This page and all the other pages in this site is copyright of Alucard, and may not be used unless given permission.